Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life


I hear a lot of writers saying that when they have writer’s block, what they really need to do is just sit down and bang out a couple of pages. While it’s certainly true that you can get in a kind of rhythm after a few pages, I’ve also had success with other methods when trying to overcome the dreaded writer’s block. (For those of you who don’t have the patience to get through and entire blog post, here’s the idiots version of what I’m going to talk about. Also, you’re never going to make it as a writer.)

The Unfortunate Importance of Self Promotion & Networking

networking writing

Almost every young writer that I’ve met makes a few basic mistakes. Sometimes, after I talk to them, they learn the lesson and move forward. Other times, they start spouting cliches as if they’ve just walked off the set of Girls (HBO). One of the things that many aspiring writers initially refuse to do is any form of self-promotion or marketing. As writers get older, it seems to me that the majority of us quickly start to accept that marketing, networking, and self promotion are part of virtually any business. Since trying to make it as a writer is essentially akin to going into business for yourself, it’s downright irresponsible to neglect or ignore such an important factor. There’s even a Huffington Post article about it. (I personally think that HuffPo is a complete rag, but there you go).

Writing is a Constant Struggle

writing is a struggle

Hello readers.

Welcome to my blog. This site will serve as a platform for me to express my thoughts and musings on both the art and the business of writing. I’ve been a writer for a number of years – some of those year were great, and some were disastrous. I’ve come dangerously close to giving up on my dream of being a professional writer a number of times in my career. On this blog, I hope to be able to help you make your own choices about whether to pursue writing as a profession. Writing isn’t for everyone, and unless you’re someone who literally has a compulsive need to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), it’s likely that a writing career will chew you up and spit you out like an old piece of gum.